Susin Nielsen's We Are All Made of Molecules (2015)

We Are All Made of Molecules - Susin Nielsen

Stewart and Ashley have some sharp edges when We Are All Made of Molecules begins.


This is fitting for the straight-lines and squares and rectangles (or, should that be hexagons and octagons? no spoilers here!) they inhabit when readers meet them.


But the contents swell and those edges are smoothed until they settle into a suitably Susin-Nielsen-esque ending: satisfying but not saccharine.


Susin Nielsen designs a freak flag like nobody else: bold and proud. Nuthin' half-mast about it.


[But because her works intersect, they are best enjoyed in the order in which they were published, beginning with Word Nerd, which might be my favourite, but I really can't choose one.]


I go on and on and on about how much I enjoy her writing here, on BuriedInPrint.