Insomnia Cafe

Insomnia Cafe - M.K. Perker Reading Notes:
One of my favourite images is in the cafe, where two characters are speaking (one is telling a long story to the other, but the reader is left to imagine most of those details), and there are several layers to the action in the frame, so that you really have a sense of the bustle and activity that unfolds around this conversation, even as you understand the growing intimacy between these two characters.

The drawings are black and white, and the facial detailing is remarkable, all the more so because the characters are very individual (even supporting characters, folks passing by).

But the emphasis is on the story, overall, with the art of storytelling at the heart of this work.

What value does a creative work have, when it's in process, when it's complete, when a reader/viewer is engaged with it. When does it take on this value, and to what lengths will those who desire it go, in order to seize it.

What happens when the creative process is arrested, either quietly and as in the case of a reclusive writer who cannot finish any new work, or when an act of violence is perpetrated against the creator?

The neat thing about this work, is that you can engage with it on this level, chat about the ideas it raises in the context of story, or you can simply enjoy it as a page-turner, to find out what happens when a man steals a book that is only partly written from a magickal library filled with books that still are being written even as they sit on the shelves.