Masterpiece Comics

Masterpiece Comics - Robert Sikoryak From the moment that I spotted its larger-than-life cover, with the advertisement banner at the bottom that read “Coming soon: Virgil! Chaucer! Flaubert! And more! Watch for them at your newsstand or local library!”...I was all-a-chuckle.

The tales that are included are tales that most readers know, but not as they are presented by Robert Sikoryak.

They stretch back to the myth of Adam and Eve, only it appears here as Blond Eve. You'll recognize the inspiration to be the cartoonish Chic Young, 1930s, comic-strip, featuring Blondie and Dagwood, the "housewife with golden curls and her tired-out husband".

In discussing his work on this short narrative, Sikoryak states that in these Judeo-Christian scripture stories, characters juggle free will and duties to the creator like the “modern day harried husband conveys sandwich ingredients to his kitchen table”.

So, Blondie was the perfect casting choice. Obviously.

But what about "The Crypt of Brontë"? (More on Buried In Print, if you're keen.)