Every Eye by Braybrooke, Neville ( Author ) ON Jun-22-2000, Paperback

Every Eye - Isobel English Every Eye is a short Persephone novel, and like some of the other short Persephone novels (say, Marghanita Laski’s The Victorian Chaise-Longue or To Bed with Grand Music, or Julia Strachey’s Cheerful Weather for the Wedding), there is more to think about and to discuss than you might guess from the page count.

Characters’ motivations are unclear throughout, their emotions are heightened and complex, and, in addition, Isobel English (actually a pseudonym adopted by June Braybrooke) has a healthy respect of the unknown. There is at least one scene in Every Eye in which readers are given to think that a spirit has presented itself.

But, at the subject matter reveals, what is known is often every bit as confusing as what remains unknown.
In all, this makes for a curiously unsettling read. But in a good way.

More here (but still spoiler-free), if you're interested.