Going into a Dark House

Going Into a Dark House - Jane Gardam One of the things that I especially enjoyed about Going into a Dark House was the consistent sense of satisfaction after each story. I spread them out over a month's time and made sure not to rush. Even if I wanted to read on, after reading one of the stories, I forced myself to set the collection aside and pick up something else instead, which added to my sense of satisfaction I think. It felt like reading an Alice Munro collection, I just wanted to "have" the next story, not even caring about subject or style, only wanting her voice, the sometimes-cozy and sometimes-eerie and sometimes-ironic resolution she offers at their conclusions.

One of my favourite stories was "The Damascus Plum" which considers the way in which one shares one's home, one's pleasures, and one's foibles in the context of a brief, imposed intimacy, and not only the differing ways in which two people can experience the same events, but the impact of memory on impressions of a shared experience. For the most part, it's the overall construction and execution of her stories that I appreciate, but sometimes a bit of language jumps out.

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