Grace Williams Says it Loud

Grace Williams Says It Loud - Emma Henderson Yup. She’s saying it. Just the way that she says it. It’s all about Grace.

Not having met Grace before, you should keep an open mind. Some of the people who do know her, at The Briar, where she lives, have rigid and, er, not-very-flattering opinions about her.

If you’ve heard any of that chat before you picked up this story, you might have your doubts. For instance, here is one of the nurses describing her to the doctor who fills the role of dentist at the institution:

“The occasional fit, but not epileptic. Occasionally violent, but we increased her Laractil in January. Physically and mentally defective. Obviously. A complete imbecile.”

Well, now you might be wondering about those 325 pages. Told, it might seem, in the voice of a defective, an imbecile.

But if you are a clever reader: you will realize there is something amiss. The girl, the young woman, that the staff at the Briar view in these terms couldn’t possibly write a book. But Grace Williams has done just that.

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