The Contest - Caroline Stellings The story revolves around Rosy, who intends to be the first half-Mohawk girl to win an Anne-of-Green-Gables-look-alike contest.

“Rosy figured that although Anne of Green Gables was an orphan, it was a fair trade for getting to live on an unpolluted island with the ocean and a haunted wood at her door, rather than in a rental house on a dead-end street in Hamilton.”

But The Contest isn’t all about Rosy. Which is where things get all Avonlea-ish. Because Avonlea wasn’t all about Anne (of Green Gables) either.

There’s her mother, who is raising Rosy and her brothers (Ben, Patrick and John) on her own — like Marilla, but Marilla had Matthew’s help, even if he wasn’t supposed to interfere.

And then there’s Jay and Sebastian, who work at The Tangerine Coiffure. And then there is Mrs. Rodrigues, who trades Portuguese sweet bread and a macaroni casserole for a wash-and-set and cleans their house in exchange for a colour, whereas Mr. and Mrs. Wing run The Golden Leaf Chinese and get trims in exchange for a Number 7 Special.

All of these characters come to play a role in the story. Because, as you might have guessed, Rosy is not a shoe-in for the contest winner. Though, happily, I didn’t guess the outcome of the story’s crisis; I was afraid it would veer closer to Pollyanna-ish-ness than Anne-ish-ness, but Caroline Stellings did good.

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