Buried In Print

I read. A lot. When I'm not reading, I'm often thinking about what I could be reading. When I am reading, I'm often thinking about what I'll be reading next. Sometimes the idea of reading is almost as good as reading and then I'm making booklists about what I will read someday. But later I'll be reading. I'm Buried In Print.

May 2020
text: Samar Yazbek’s A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution (2012) #ReadtheChange
Some days I picked up Samar Yazbek’s A Woman in the Crossfire, to read only two pages, and set it aside. Other days I picke...
This was a terrific first-half read. The back half lost some steam and I lost some of my buy-in to plot and characters. What ...
THE CIPHER! I don't even know what to say. I've only recently joined the church of Koja. It may not be as big as some, Step...
Reading the 1930 & 1960 versions of The Bungalow Mystery simultaneously, comparing differences in the story and characters, a...
Oh boy, I am in a real audiobook reading funk. I have almost a hundred acquired audios waiting to be read and can't work up a...
This is rather good, but I hope we go back to the story of John Lacroix soon. I really want to know what happened to him.
Went back to the Count and, oh my godness, this suddenly became so intense. Unbelievable. The count, though ... [spoiler] ....
I am not entirely sure what the story is about or where this is going - but this is a bit of a thriller: Lacroix is being pur...
Ugh. I hope this starts improving soon. Too many one-dimensional stereotypes for my liking.
The mystery is so-so and yes, there are some incredibly silly bits in this and I could have shoved Hanni in a ditch. But thes...
I'm not sure why I thought this would be a pleasant, happy story. It is Edith Wharton after all! I've loved her work since ...
March 2020
text: Ian Urbina’s The Outlaw Ocean (2019) #ReadtheChange
The library classification data for The Outlaw Ocean suggests categories like Fisheries-Corrupt practices, Travel, Special in...
February 2020
text: The endlessness of the TBR
All of this year's reading projects have been inspiring so far. The kind of inspiring that results in even more reading mater...
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