Buried In Print

I read. A lot. When I'm not reading, I'm often thinking about what I could be reading. When I am reading, I'm often thinking about what I'll be reading next. Sometimes the idea of reading is almost as good as reading and then I'm making booklists about what I will read someday. But later I'll be reading. I'm Buried In Print.

October 2018
text: A Bulky Stack
Mostly, these days, I'm preoccupied by reading selections from the CanLit prizelists, I've just finished Rawi Hage's Beirut...
Antarctic Navigation - Elizabeth Arthur Carnival: A Novel - Rawi Hage Washington Black - Esi Edugyan
The Books: Country House Mystery: Georgette Heyer: Penhallow (Ulli Birvé audio) Cryptozoologist: Patricia A. McKillip: The Fo...
What can ever be said about a Jasper Fforde book that would make sense to anyone that hasn't read one? This is the second in...
Slowwwwwwwly working my way towards a bingo, y'all. I keep going through these phases where I have a ton of time to read (I...
Thanks to whomever posted about LibraryThing's treasure hunt (I'm sorry I forgot who that wonderful person was), I have a fre...
March 2018
""Reading was my addiction and I read from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep at night. There was that moment before I l..."
Nobody Cries at Bingo - Dawn Dumont
July 2017
During the fall some brown light made its way through the one spotted window; by winter the only light came from a table lamp...
How to Fall: Stories - Edith Pearlman
The living-room is dark and low-ceilinged, with bookshelves all along the wall opposite the windows. These books have not mad...
I´ve got to admit, I admire Miss Marple´s deductive skills. I wouldn´t be able to solve a single one of her cases (even if th...
May 2017
I guess there must be something wrong with the book when the reader is rooting for the shark instead of the characters. I hav...
Is it possible to be both ambitious and balanced? The answer is yes, of course it is; there are manifold examples of men an...
Like its predecessor, Sleeping Giants, Waking Gods is marked by an interesting style, where debriefings, news reports, and jo...
25 books in, and Hart still writes a fairly decent murder mystery. Annie is flying solo for the first time, as Max has go...
March 2017
text: Spending time with Mavis Gallant
Reading through the short stories of Mavis Gallant is taking time. Already. Still in the first collection. Even though the ...
Paris Stories - Mavis Gallant, Michael Ondaatje